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Roti Canai

What is Roti Canai?

An amazing snack. Roti just means bread but roti canai refers to the simple dish of Indian style fried flat bread which is served with some curry sauce. It's so cheap and utterly delicious. Choose where you have it wisely as I've had some really disappointing versions that really don't do it justice. It needs to be crispy, flaky and freshly cooked.

How to eat Roti Canai

Roti canai is always served with at least one curry sauce for dipping. Either using a spoon or your right hand, tear off a piece and dip it in the curry.

It can also be served "banjir" (like Nasi Kandar) where the roti is chopped up and the curry is poured over it.

Typical price of Roti Canai

RM1 - RM4 (without meat)

Where to eat Roti Canai?

The best Roti Canai in Penang:

The best Roti Canai in Kuala Lumpur:

The best Roti Canai in Ipoh: