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Mansion Tea Stall


Famous for their 'Roti Canai Special' which comes with half-cooked eggs which won’t be to everyone’s taste but the 2nd time I asked for "roti banjir" to have it without the eggs. The special and an iced tea came to RM4.40 (75p); the version without the eggs was RM2.50, also with an iced tea. They're also well known for Teh Tarik (if you like milky sweet tea).

After going a few times now, I recommend ordering roti canai (probably two) with some gravy and sambal (you may have to ask for this but it's worth it as the 3 go so well together). I personally prefer my roti separate from the sauce so it stays nice and crispy.

Tip: If you're walking across the bridge, take the left-hand steps and it'll be right in front of you.

Overall rating... 8/10