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Sri Ananda Bahwan - Vegetarian


The vegetarian branch of the popular restaurant of the same name which is on the same road. It's probably my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Penang and I'm a regular customer.

At lunch times I think they only do the self-service buffet but in the evenings (after 4pm?) they also have a full menu offering lots of meat-substitutes.

I usually order from the menu (rather than the buffet) and choose something from the "veg chicken" (RM13 for medium) or "veg mutton" (RM16 for medium) menus. They've all been delicious including the veg chicken butter masala (9/10) and mutton vindaloo (8.5/10). Possibly the best is the veg mutton rogan josh (9/10), which is the vegetarian version of one of the most popular dishes at their meat restaurant.

They also do a vegetarian chicken tandoori (RM7) that's ok but it needs something with it.

Their naan (RM3.20 for plain) is great and mostly thin and crispy (how I like it) but usually there's one section which is thicker and doughy. The roti canai are pretty good too.

Recommended, especially if you don't want meat!

Overall rating... 8/10