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Sri Ananda Bahwan


Possibly the busiest Indian restaurant in town. The service can be pretty terrible and I've had some inconsistent experiences there but there's certain dishes they do really well and their breads are fantastic.

I recommend the Rogan Josh Mutton curry, chicken butter masala and palak paneer. Make sure you try their various breads including butter naan and roti canai.

I had their basic banana leaf rice (RM5.83 inc tax) and it was pretty good but I didn't have any of the (possibility interesting) extras as I was never offered them due to the bad service.

Tip: Perfect for groups, especially as the dishes aren't too different from what you'd get in Indian restaurants in places like the UK, so it should be a crowd-pleaser.

Note: The plain naan bread is great and thin and crispy, which is how I like it.

Tip: The mango lassi is delicious and is sweet enough without added sugar (you'll have to ask for no sugar).

Overall rating... 8/10