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Sup Hameed


Another Anthony Bourdain place. It's open 24 hours and their menu changes throughout the day.

Sup Torpedo

Famous for their Sup Torpedo made from bull’s penis and apparently an aphrodisiac. I tried it and it was ok but not really for me!

Sup Torpedo

Roti Canai

After 4pm they do a decent Roti Canai (7.5/10 - RM1.30 each) - it's not as flaky or crispy as I like but the sauce is fantastic (a mixture of daal and possibly sambal).

Roti canai

Tandoori Set

I also had their tandoori set (6.5/10) which was nice the first time but the 2nd time I was really disappointed.

Tandoori Set: chicken, naan bread & sauces


There were loads of other dishes too, especially soups which is their speciality. Apparently the mutton soup is great.

Overall rating... 7.5/10