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Khao Gaeng Ruttana


Curry stall in Nang Leong market. I had the "hor mok" (fish coconut curry served in banana leaf - basically the same as the Cambodian amok), stink beans with shrimp and a third curry which I didn't know what it was, but one of the staff suggested it. All were very tasty. It cost 114B or the 3 curries, rice and iced tea.

There are a lot of choices but apparently the best ones sell out quickly. It's best to get there before noon.

I went back and had the pork massaman which was one of the best I've ever had.

Mark Wiens says "One of the best dishes I had for our meal was hor mok (ห่อหมก), and fish and seafood curry made with Thai curry paste and lots of coconut cream. It was creamy and rich, and so flavorful."

Overall rating... 8/10

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