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Thip Samai


The most famous Pad Thai in Bangkok! It doesn't open until 5pm but it stays open late, often well past midnight. There will be a queue at all times but it moves very quickly because they have an amazing team of people all with specific jobs, like one guy who just cracks eggs. For my tastes, the Pad Thai isn't one of my favourites but it's cheap and totally worth seeing the place. Don't miss the famous orange juice (with bits) which is sweet but amazing.

"Every staff from the preppers to the finisher knows their craft and speed demanded of them. They make this by hand “naked-chef” style and fry them over wood fire. The wok-hei laden platter of pad thai comes wrapped in a thin film of egg that is artfully fried and wrapped around the noodles with a simple flip of the wok."

— Ranked #15 at the World Street Food Top 50 2017

Update: I've been back again and I really liked the Pad Thai in the omelette. My friend had the veggie option which was massive (though that might have been a one-off) and it was really interesting - loads of tofu and mushrooms with a nutty flavour. Yum!

Overall rating... 8/10

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