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Jay-Fai Cuisine


Amazing lady and one of the most famous street cooks in Bangkok. She cooks everything single-handedly with her signature eye googles and make-up. Her dishes are expensive but she gives you lots of seafood and it tastes amazing. The two most popular dishes are the crab omelette and the drunken noodles (400-500B). I enjoyed both but I kept going back for the drunken noodles (and similar variations)!

I'm not bothered by the vegetables in the drunken noodles - for me it's all about the noodles and seafood (especially the crab). Sometimes I ask for less veg and more noodles.

Recommended if you can justify the price.

According to one of the staff, they're open 1.30pm to 1.30am and closed Sundays, but I'm not sure how much they stick to those hours.

Update: In late 2017 Jay Fai was awarded a Michelin star; the first (and currently only) street food vendor to get a star in Bangkok. I imagine this will have a big impact on her business. Expect queues and possibly increased prices.

Overall rating... 8.5/10

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