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Ran Gaeng Pa Sriyan

ร้าน แกงป่าศรีย่าน

I had the wild boar jungle curry, minced quail with chilli/garlic and the durian ice cream.

The restaurant is quite far to get to but it's very famous for the jungle curry. It was definitely very spicy like all the reviews say but it didn't excite me massively. Also, I didn't like the meat, so go for something other than the wild boar (which I only chose because it's traditional).

The minced quail was tasty but also very spicy, with a lot of chillies in there. Be warned that there are tiny bones minced in with the meat - it was absolutely fine (in multiple ways) and gave it a nice crunch but some people may be put off by it.

The winning dish was the durian ice cream (9/10) for dessert. It was being ordered by most tables and I'd read about it, so my expectations were high. It was seriously delicious and it came topped with sticky rice. The rice worked so well with it that I ordered an extra bowl (which I recommend you do). It also helped cool down my mouth from all the spices. Obviously durian isn't for everyone but they do a coconut version too, so order that if you hate durian.

Overall rating... 7/10