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Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant


A nice friendly air-conditioned vegetarian restaurant in Little India. A lot of their curries taste the same and they lack depth but it's reasonably priced and comfortable, with lots to choose from on the menu.

I recommend the Chenna Batura (RM5.50) as a small meal, perfect for lunch. It's a bread that arrives puffed up bigger than a football and served with a tasty chickpea curry.

It can get very busy at lunch times and most people seem to get the Woodlands Special Thali (RM13) which has a nice selection of different veg curries, rice, chapati and popadoms. I think there are better options on the menu though.

Update: I recently made the mistake of going on a Saturday evening when they were really struggling to keep up with service. It was busy but not full, yet it took them 10 minutes to take my order and over half an hour for them to bring me an iced tea. The naan bread was burnt (they'd scraped off the most burnt parts but the bad taste remained) and the palak paneer was not up to its usual standard. Rather than complaining, I mentioned the problems as feedback when I was paying and I was met with ... nothing. No comment, no apology; just a blank stare. As a result I am reducing the score slightly.

Overall rating... 6.5/10