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Wantan Mee Chulia


Really tasty! Very popular spot. There isn't actually a sign that says wantan mee but it's  opposite Mugshot Cafe and next to a curry mee place. Place your order (small or large) and sit down to wait. I only had to wait a few minutes but it can get very busy. I think Anthony Bourdain came here, which only added to its fame.

I recommend getting a small bowl of this, a small bowl of the curry mee from the next stall and a fruit juice from the drinks stall.

Note: There is actually another wantan mee stall a few metres along (towards Little India) so make sure you go for the one next to the curry mee stall.

Tip: The chopped chillies aren't spicy but they're delicious and give a big burst of flavour to this dish.

Tip: You can ask for no meat, although I'm not sure if it's pure vegetarian.

Overall rating... 7.5/10