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Curry Mee stall on Culia


Right next to the Wanton Mee stall, this busy night stall serves some lovely Curry Mee. Just like Hokkien Mee, it comes with 2 types of noodles and a curry-powder broth mixed with various extras. A small bowl costs RM3.60 and large is RM4.10 with a fish ball (given unless you ask for it without) is an extra RM0.40. I actually don't like the fish balls much, so next time I'll ask for it without.

A lot of people order a small bowl of the Curry Mee and Wanton Mee, along with a fresh fruit juice from the next stall. I recommend doing exactly that!

Tip: Make sure you get the chilli paste. One time they didn't put it in (without asking me) and it was quite bland. The soup should have a red tint to it with some red oil on top. If it's just yellow then you may need to ask them for the chilli. It really needs it!

Overall rating... 7/10