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Mugshot Cafe


Popular western cafe. They make yoghurt on site which is tasty. Their smoothies are expensive (RM16) but the coffee (RM7) is reasonable given the type of café (including A/C).

They're also known for their bagels which are fresh and genuinely great. The 'turkey ham' and cranberry sauce filling wasn't so great and I wouldn't recommend it, however the smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel (RM12) was worth the money although when I went back and had it again, I had to complain about the amount of smoked salmon as it only covered about half of the bagel. They added a second piece without any fuss but I shouldn't have had to complain in the first place.

It's joined with Rainforest Bakery which has some delicious-looking cakes. They also sell the individual bagels (sesame seed and poppy seed) which the cafe uses for only RM2.40 each.