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The Leaf Healthy House Café


A friendly vegetarian restaurant serving a range of cuisines in the middle of Little India.

Pesto Spaghetti

This seems to be the most popular option judging by online reviews, Instagram and its poll position in the menu. It's a simple dish that is only a step or two above what students in the UK might cook. Having said that, it was tasty and a nice break from local food (not that I wanted or needed a break from it). It's very fresh. 7/10

Pesto Spaghetti: simple but nice

Otak Otak & Popiah

They have vegetarian versions of a few local dishes. Both otak otak (7.5/10) and popiah (7/10) were tasty and they make interesting sides.


Carrot soup

Other than the colour, I wouldn't have known this was a carrot soup. It tasted more like a generic vegetable stock with an overpowering taste of thyme. Still, it was quite pleasant. RM6.20

Carrot soup: a sense of thyme

Basil Leaf Fried Rice

Another one of the more prominent dishes on the menu. It was quite a large serving of fried rice flavoured with basil leaf and what tasted like pesto. It was surrounded by lettuce leaves and topped with carrot which made it very fresh. It also come with a small bowl of sweetcorn soup. RM8.90.

Basil Leaf Fried Rice: fresh but simple

Set menu

You can upgrade for an extra RM4.50 for a main meal to come with a drink and jelly dessert.


I'm not sure if I've just become used to the high levels of seasoning in the local food, but most of the dishes here seemed lacking. Even the edamame, which was listed as coming with Himalayan salt, needed much more. However, it's a nice place with lots of options for reasonable prices (although the portions aren't particularly big). If you're looking for vegetarian food and a break from the local food then this place might be perfect for you.

Overall rating... 6.5/10