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Bistro Tang


Firstly, despite what you might read online, it's definitely not an Indian restaurant. Yes, it's in Little India and some of the staff are Indian but the food isn't. 

The building is beautiful and the bistro is part of a guesthouse. The staff are very friendly and the whole place has a great feel to it. I ordered the pumpkin & sweet potato soup and the vegetable bruschetta, both of which had been recommended to me.

The soup was smooth and creamy but lacked the big flavours I was hoping for, although the small piece of garlic bread on the side was delicious. The bruschetta was nice but also suffered from lack of deep flavours and should have been seasoned more.

Apparently they do a nice laksa too. I get the feeling the popularity of this restaurant is down to comfort. Comfortable surroundings, lovely staff and familiar menu choices.

Overall rating... 6.5/10