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Shusi Banana Leaf Restaurant


A banana leaf restaurant which does a range of other dishes including vegetarian options

Banana leaf rice

I was taken here by a tourist who rated their banana leaf rice and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't anywhere near as good as Veloo Villas or Muthu.

I went back a second time and had the vegetarian banana leaf set and it was incredibly disappointing. The sides were bland and I wasn't offered any optional extras which are expected with this dish. I'm not sure if it's because they didn't have any extras which were vegetarian or if they just forgot about me. The only part of the meal with any real flavour was the lime pickle which I had to ask for more of.

Kothu Parotta

The vegetarian Kothu Parotta (roti, fried onion and various vegetable curries, all chopped up and mixed together on the grill). It was interesting and only RM4.50. I feel like it needed an extra flavour or an added kick though.

Overall rating... 7/10