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Northern Thai food, extremely popular with locals and some tourists. Extensive menu with a helpful picture board of their recommended dishes.

When you arrive you may have to join a queue by collecting a numbered piece of paper and wait for your number to be shown. While waiting, grab a menu and pencil and write down the numbers of the dishes on your piece of paper, ready to hand in when it's your turn.

I had the green chilli dip (very spicy, beware - 7/10), the Northern Thai sausage (Not the best I've had but it's worth getting - 7/10), the Burmese curry (Always delicious - 7.5/10), the grilled pork (very popular choice, grilled out the front - 8.5/10), sweet leaves with egg (quite bland but in a really comforting way - 7.5/10).

Overall rating... 7.5/10

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