Travel like a local



Very popular with tourists but for once I agree!

I had the fried fish with red curry (+ rice) and while it wasn't quite as delicious as the same dish at L. Maladee on Koh Lanta (one of my favourite dishes in all of my time in Thailand), it was still fantastic. They fillet the fish, deep fry the pieces to perfect crispiness and then rearrange back on the fish skeleton (for want of a better word). The red curry sauce is poured over. Much like at L. Maladee I found there wasn't enough sauce so I asked for more. My original order was for the spice level to be "medium+" but then the extra sauce seemed to be spicier.

Obviously I've only tried one of the many dishes but it also has a lovely setting, fantastic staff, a great menu and nice beer selection (I had a Red Truck Red Ale).

It's the type of place that's perfect for a special meal with friends or family.

Overall rating... 8/10