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Lone Star BBQ

Warning: This place has been flagged as permanently closed on Google Maps.

Currently top of TripAdvisor but the owner admits that it's because of the stupid TA algorithm. One large group of customers all gave him a good review and he went from 26th to 1st overnight. Honestly, TA is terrible.

Anyway, I've been wanting a good BBQ place (I miss Ut Ut in Saigon) and there's lots to like about this place. The owner is very friendly and helpful, the place is small and casual. However, overpriced for the size of the portions. When you get BBQ, you expect big portions. I ordered the brisket (which had parts that were dry and parts that were amazing), 3 ribs (pretty average and small), mac n cheese (nice but nothing special), potato salad (pretty tasty) and apple pie (nice but quite small). It all came to 700B which is insane when I think of the amazing meals I can get for less (and with a drink) nearby.

It's a shame because I'd like to go back, but I think it's almost double the price it should be.

Overall rating... 6/10