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Kashmir Restaurant


A fairly up-market Indian restaurant by Malaysian standards. I'd heard great things about the tandoori chicken and naan bread, so I went for lunch and ordered exactly that. The chicken was really fantastic - as succulent as you can get, the right amount of charred, but a little on the small side. The butter naan was excellent too. It came with a mint/chilli sauce and yoghurt. Unlike many other places in Penang, they didn't offer a tandoori set (the chicken and naan together) so I had to order them separately and it very much felt like separate things. The chicken and naan individually are possibly better than Kapitan, but theirs is better as a complete dish.

The staff were arguing with each other and then I had to ask for the bill multiple times because they forgot (and they argued amongst themselves about whose fault it was).

Overall rating... 8/10