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Lobak King @ Ping Hooi


My Uber driver told me the stalls at Ping Hooi cafe are amazing for breakfast, especially the 'special loh bah' from the Lobak King. The King himself suggested the pork roll, pork chop, shrimp cake and fried fish. I had one of each and the two pork ones were really delicious! It's all chopped up and eaten with a wooden skewer. It's served with 2 sauces: chilli and a dark gloopy sauce.

I went back a few days later for a snack and had only the 2 pork options. This time it came with a "century egg" (which is much better than it looks) and some pickled ginger. I recommend getting 2 of the pork rolls and 1 of the chops. Yum!

Apparently the Tiger Char Koay Teow stall is one of the best char koay teow too.

Overall rating... 8/10