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Muthu Traditional Banana Leaf


I had read that it was known as ‘Muthu’ but when I showed the name to a member of staff, he seemed not to recognise it. Instead, there doesn’t seem to be a name and there definitely aren’t any signs outside but you’ll know it when you find it as the inside has signs for traditional banana leaf food. I had a load of tasty food for only RM7.50. I’m not sure if they have cutlery here as it seems like it’s just for locals and the rice is traditionally eaten with the right hand. They have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They only do rice at lunch time.

I went back in May 2017 and had the basic set (which comes with 2 sides and 1 popadom) and 2 extra sides (some vegetables and a tofu curry) - it came to RM8.50.

Overall rating... 8/10