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Kassim Mustafa


I'd read good things about the nasi kandar at this 24 hour place. I enjoyed it (I always love nasi kandar) but it was far from the best I've had.

I went back and had the fried chicken in "sweet ketchup" (I think that's what they called it). It was a sticky sweet sauce and I loved it so much, I ordered a second (RM4 each) to go with my nasi kandar.

Apparently good tandoori chicken too.

"A popular hangout among many locals for a nasi kandar fix, Restoran Kassim Mustafa is also known for their signature “Ayam Negro” dish. Also known as black-roasted chicken, this delectable dish delivers a satisfying balance of spiciness and sweetness that goes well with a plate of white rice. Then there’s their famous “nasi dhalca” (or nasi dalca), a rice dish cooked with dhal."

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