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Nha Trang Travel Guide, Tips & Info

I had been told by pretty much every traveller in Vietnam to avoid Nha Trang. Due to Russians getting a free 14-day visa and direct flights from Moscow, Nha Trang has become a Russian beach resort. Most restaurants have signs and menus in Russian instead of Vietnamese or English. Whilst I don't share their stereotypes, most travellers seem to dislike Russian holidaymakers, so they advised me to stay clear.

As it turned out, my three-day motorbike tour from Da Lat ended in Nha Trang so I had a few hours there. I was struck by how big the city is. I was expecting a small beach town but it's massive and very busy. Based on my limited time there, I imagine I could have happily spent a few days there but it felt far too touristy for my tastes and there are loads of other towns I'd rather spend my time.

This might not be very helpful but I thought it was still worth including.

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2017