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Hội An Travel Guide, Tips & Info

Most famous for their hundreds of tailors, it's a very cute, relaxing town. You could easily spend a week here. It's very touristy (including Vietnamese tourists) and I found the food to be fairly average but you can't help but like it. I've been twice now.

There are hundreds of tailors in the town! I got two shirts, one short-sleeved and one long-sleeved, made for a total of £23. I got to choose the material and style, they measured me and they were ready later that same day!


Floating lanterns

When there's a full moon they celebrate by having a mini festival where they put candles in floating lanterns and send them down the river. We hired a boat to go down the river between the lanterns. It was gorgeous! I was lucky that I was there for full moon but I think they do it at other times too.


Please use my Vietnam food guide which has all of my favourite places and dishes for the best food in Hội An.


Nam Ngai Hotel

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One of the best budget rooms I've had in Vietnam. It was 200,000d per night and I got a large bed, fridge, great A/C, powerful fan, fast wifi, flatscreen TV. Definitely recommend it!

Khách Sạn Minh Quang


I shared a twin room with a friend for 200,000d per night between us. It was a nice enough room and a great price but Nam Ngai Hotel over the road is definitely better (the single rooms are both 200,000d but this place is cheaper for twin rooms).

Smart Garden Homestay

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Wonderful homestay hotel. Fantastic rooms with a comfortable bed, balcony, fridge, A/C, etc. Lovely family too.

Nightlife, bars & cafés

Mót Hội An

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Special herbal tea for 10k. It's a cute little place which you can sit in or have the drink to take away. It's already made so they quickly scoop it in to a small cup for you, although that means it's not possible to get it with less sugar.

The predominant taste was ginger and cinnamon, I think, although it had lots going on and was really interesting. I won't be having it regularly but it's definitely worth a try.

Cafe Thiện Trung


Large cafe with an open wooden design. Coffee is 15k on the English menu but there are signs suggestion a lower price so I'm not sure whether the signs are wrong. Either way it's good coffee for a good price and in a nice relaxing environment.

Guitar Hawaii Hoi An Live Music Bar

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Apparently it's strange but great with live music.

Raw Coco

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Great cafe newly opened in August 2017. Their coconut coffee was fantastic (25k) but I recommend it without the condensed milk as I had it without and it was sweet enough (and much healthier). They blend fresh coconut water and flesh (I watched the staff crack open a coconut especially for me) and then mix it with espresso and ice. Yum!

The Happy Buffalo

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Nice simple place with a good view over the rice fields and cheap beer (Bia Saigon for 15k).

Tap House


Good craft beer from Platinum, Pasteur Street & Heart of Darkness but incredibly rude manager made it a bad experience and I won't be returning.

Sights & Activities

Cẩm Thanh - Water Coconut Village


Interesting village nearby. We did a tour which included a bike ride, a boat trip and cooking class. Whilst our tour was a bit of a let down, the area on the water and the local people were definitely worth seeing.

Japanese Bridge


Famous picturesque bridge in the old town.

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2017