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Chả Cá Lã Vọng


I tried this out hoping it would be as good as my favourite place in Hanoi. Sadly it fell short in quite a few ways. I still enjoyed it but I mostly wished it was as good as in Hanoi. It's an expensive risk to take as well, as it costs 180,000d per person.

As I've described in other parts of my guide, it annoys me when vendors bring extra dishes to the table and then charge you for them sneakily. Well here they took it to a whole other level. For a start, the dish comes as many different plates, so it would be strange to assume that any of them aren't included in the expensive price. I should have assumed as the 2 crispy rice paper things (banh da) weren't included. But what makes it bad is that the staff member who showed me how to prepare the meal (as they do in Hanoi too), broke off some of the rice paper and added it to the dish. This meant I was forced in to paying for it before I even knew it was extra!

Overall it's not worth coming here. I was hoping to find a good version of this dish for people who can't make it up to Hanoi, but I'd recommend waiting.

Overall rating... 6/10