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The chef and owner, Fuji, spoke to me for a little while (in perfect English) and told me about his journey to lead him to convert the lower floor of his house in to a restaurant.

The interesting fusion menu is clearly inspired by his travels. I went for the Papaya Pad Thai. It's served inside an omelette, which is fairly normal in Thailand. However that was almost the only normal thing about it. It's topped with pomegranate seeds and granola, amongst other things. Noodles are replaced with long strands of green papaya, which makes it a little awkward to eat but I definitely enjoyed it!

I also order the "brain power" smoothie which is expensive (90B) but massive (possibly twice the size of a normal smoothie in Thailand) and really delicious.

They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and the setting is really nice. I'd definitely come back to try other things from the menu.

Overall rating... 7.5/10

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