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Pizza my Heart @ nimman


Friendly owners, tasty pizza.

I had the Margherita with added fennel sausage. The base was pretty good, not Napoli-style but maybe more American but done really well. The tomato sauce seemed great, the mozzarella was ok but not the best and the fennel sausage had a good taste but weird texture.

I sat inside and it started to get a bit warm but they eventually turned on the A/C. There were loads of mosquitos but luckily I'd already sprayed some deet on me, so I was ok.

I happened to be there on their first official night of business so the few issues will hopefully be sorted soon.

I got 30% for their opening offer and the pizza + wine came to 292B. I went to pay with card as they had a Visa sign on the door. Firstly they wanted me to type my PIN in to their software (on an iPad or similar tablet) which I wasn't happy with. I even typed the first digit and it was displaying it! So I stopped there and asked to speak to the owner (who I'd already been speaking to about Napoli). I was then told there's a 500B limit on credit cards. I really wish they wouldn't put up credit card signs if there's a limit.