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Ole Gourmet Mexican


For some reason this place has high ratings, I think possibly because it has vegan options, a hippy decor and margaritas. It's certainly not for the Mexican food.

I've had a lot of Mexican food, some terrible, some incredible but this was neither, it just simply wasn't Mexican. There were no hot sauces available and I couldn't taste any chilli, cilantro/coriander or any other flavours that you'd expect from Mexican food.

I had the small vegetarian nachos for starter which were overpriced for the tiny size (100B), watery so the chips went soggy and didn't have much flavour.

Then I had the large vegetarian burrito which was massive but had even less flavour than the nachos. It wasn't as if it tasted terrible it just was so boring that I didn't want to eat it.

They have some nice craft beers for a good price and apparently the margaritas are great, but I definitely won't be returning.

Overall rating... 3/10

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