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Namaste Indian Cuisine


Opened at the end of 2018. Definitely under-staffed as they even struggled to deal with our group of 8 even though we had given our full food order ahead of time when booking (at their request) and we were the only customers.

I went for their "signature" order of vegetable samosa (6/10 - not exciting but still tasty), butter chicken (7/10 - big portion, rich, nice flavour but worth ordering but nothing special) and garlic naan (7/10 - thin and crispy but I didn't like the flavour of the butter they use on top).

Out of all of the alcohol options on the menu, the only thing that had was large Leo. Maybe they'll start to stock the other beers and wine soon.

I think the food has potential and I'll probably go back to try other items from their ridiculously large menu, but the place has no atmosphere and the negatives are enough for me to continue to visit Accha instead.

Overall rating... 6.5/10

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