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Accha was voted as the best Indian restaurant by the popular "Chiang Mai Eats" Facebook group, so I had high hopes. The restaurant itself is impressive with both indoor (with A/C) and outdoor areas, great staff and a good looking menu.

I ordered their speciality chicken curry (220B), as recommended by the waitress, along with a plain naan bread (45B). The presentation was excellent and the naan was large and delicious but the curry lacked depth and the succulent huge pieces of chicken were mostly dark meat which was unexpected and I don't think it worked as well. Luckily the meal came with six bots of chutneys and pickles which helped add some of the flavour that the curry was missing.

I feel like some of the other curries will be more to my taste, so I'll definitely be returning and I expect my rating to go up.

The Paneer Butter Masala is great as is the Palak Paneer.

Overall rating... 7.5/10