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Khao Gaeng Jake Puey


By the time I arrived at 7.45pm, there was only a small amount of chicken green Thai curry and only the sauce from the yellow curry, that's it. I tried both and they were fine but I missed out on some of the more interesting curries and it was empty so no atmosphere. Try to come early.

I went back at 6.30pm another day and had the pork red curry and stir fried crab. The crab was the best so far.

Mark Wiens says "Khao Gaeng Jek Puey (ข้าวแกงเจ๊กปุ้ย) - I wasn’t actually planning on eating here on this day food tour in Bangkok, but after passing it, I couldn’t resist sitting down for a quick plate of Thai rice and curry at Khao Gaeng Jek Puey (ข้าวแกงเจ๊กปุ้ย). I got my usual order of stir fried crab, and I also decided to have the panang curry as well. This is one of the best Thai street food stalls in Bangkok especially for the incredibly atmosphere."