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Best Of The Boat Noodle


This restaurant is at the end of "Boat Noodle Alley", a side street next to a canal, right by the transport hub of Victory Monument.

Boat Noodles is apparently the local's favourite noodle soup and it's named from the fact it used to be sold from the boats in the canal. They're small dishes at 12B each and the idea is that you order more until you're full up. There are 4 choices: normal pork, normal beef, sour pork and bean curd (I'm guessing the veggie option). They bring over a plate each of crackling (pork scratchings) and fried dumpling (wonton) for adding to the soup, which you don't have to accept but I did.

My favourite was the beef but the sour pork was great too. I loved it here. Definitely recommended!

Overall rating... 8/10