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Restoran Tajuddin Hussain


Lots of great Indian food. They're well known for their nasi kandar and biryani. Their ‘Biryani ayam deen’ (chicken with a thick onion paste/sauce and biriyani rice) is highly recommended and one of my favourite meals in Penang. I also had their 'ayam ros' chicken curry with biryani rice which was great too.

You can have the vegetarian "biriyani kossong" ('kossong' means zero and in this context, refers to no meat) with some curry sauce to pour over it for only RM3, which makes a cheap lunch!

Update: I went back and had the biryani ayam deen in the evening and it wasn't as fresh and the meat was slightly dry. Hopefully it was just a one off.

Note: I think they do roti canai in the evenings. Biriyani seems to only be in the mornings and lunch.

Overall rating... 8/10