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Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol


This was a definite highlight of Malaysia for me. I had it regularly, either as a dessert or as a way to cool down during the heat of the day. This stall is famous and always has a queue but it moves very quickly (like Line Clear). It was probably the best version of Cendol I had too. Highly recommended!

As of May 2017, it's RM2.90 per bowl.

Bowl or bag?

Get it in a bowl (rather than in a bag to take away) and use the spoon to carefully prod the ice down and stir all the ingredients together, making sure the palm sugar is mixed properly before eating it like a soup.

Which stall?

There are two stalls but one is clearly more popular (it’s on the south side) and people will be taking photos. The stall opposite only seems to get customers when the other queue is long enough. After about 10 visits to the popular one, I finally tried the lonely stall and it was actually pretty good too!

A refreshing bowl of cendol

Overall rating... 9/10