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I had the banana leaf with a mixture of white and tomato rice, chicken masala (average but succulent) and fried bitter gourds (always a good addition). It came with 3 curry sauces: fish (wasn't too keen), vegetable (fine) and chicken (delicious). It also came with some sides and the lime pickle was so great that I asked for more twice.

Whilst it wasn't my favourite banana leaf, it definitely had some delicious parts to it. It's also in a nice setting with A/C which helps. The biggest negative is that it's twice the price of what it would normally be. Mine came to RM25.80, which is pretty crazy!

"Tucked blissfully in New World Park, this charming restaurant serves authentic Indian banana leaf food with a fine touch of Kerala spices. The curries are the anchor of attraction, made with rich coconut milk; thick and aromatic, you can’t bear to waste a single drop. Instead of white rice, you can opt for tomato rice for their banana leaf meal which comes along with a basket of crispy papadams, sides of hearty greens and a dollop of pickles. Their fried bitter gourds and chicken masala are among the most ordered dishes that should never be missed."

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Overall rating... 7.5/10