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Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria


Prices from RM24 (plus tax and service). They have vegetarian options. I had the Margherita pizza. It's one of the very few times that I had international food in Penang as I was tempted by the amazing smells as I walked past.

I rate pizza on the base (dough), tomato sauce and cheese - in that order. Unfortunately it failed on all three. The base was a bit stodgy and there were only a couple of bubbles. The tomato sauce tasted like it was a can of tomato purée with garlic. The menu said it was mozzarella but either they lied or it was the worst mozzarella I've had.

Of course I'm being critical but pizza isn't hard to get right, so it deserves criticism if done badly. I still enjoyed eating it and it wasn't the worst pizza I've had in Asia by any means.

Overall rating... 6/10