Travel like a local

Southeast Asia Travel Guide, Tips & Info

Since October 2014 I've mostly been travelling around Southeast Asia, sometimes living in one place for a long time (like Saigon and Penang) and sometimes in a more adventurous exploring mode. Check my other travel guides for specific advice for various countries (especially the food), but for more general tips, information and travel advice, I've compiled some things I've learned along the way.



Make sure you're prepared for your trip before you leave: Packing, immunisations, travel insurance, visas, etc. Especially useful if you're planning on backpacking around Southeast Asia.

Daily Life

Everyday common situations: tips for booking accommodation, getting a local phone SIM card, backing up your photos, meeting people and everything else I could think of.


Getting around: planes, trains, buses, etc.

Activities & Events

Festivals, classes, tours, public holidays, etc.

Food & Drink

Getting the best out of the local food and drink in Southeast Asia.

Money & Budgeting

Currencies, ATMs, budgeting, etc.

Last Updated: 24th June, 2017