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Gerald's Bar


We had anchovies, olives, wine and beer. The local beer selection (on tap) is fantastic. Very friendly British waitress.

"“Gerald was trying to get back to England from Barcelona when the [eruption of Iceland volcano] Eyjafjallajökull disrupted the flights,” says Bella (from London) who works behind the bar, “so he came to San Sebastián instead.” Presumably a similar thing happened in Australia as he also has a bar in Melbourne. Here, the upmarket pub vibe, good music and warm ambience offers a bit of variation on the pintxos circuit. A mouthwatering list of familiar local produce given a bit of cosmopolitan pizazz is chalked up on the board, including fishcakes de bonito y txancurro, wild boar terrine, and an unspecified “sexy beast” con mole. In San Sebastián that could be anything, but inevitably good."

— The Guardian article

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