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Very bright and new design, totally different from most pintxos places. It's self service and there are also some hot options that you can order. We loved the grilled squid plate and the pinxtos bread with both types of anchovies. Nice wine too!

"There’s rich grazing in the barrio of Gros, a few minutes across the river from Parte Vieja. Less atmosphere and fewer tourists allow a fighting chance of elbow space on some surface, any surface; though not on Thursdays, when most bars in these parts offer a cheap pintxo and drink combo, prompting the gourmands’ take on a pub crawl. Bergara is legendary in San Sebastián and recommended for its huge variety of prize-winning pintxos and exquisite service. Unusually white, bright and modern, it’s beautiful to look at, and patient staff will provide a detailed description of every creation on request. But by the time they’ve said: “The txalupa is mushrooms, king prawns, cream and cava, served hot in a puff pastry boat, topped with grated cheese”, or “txapeldun is a prawn cocktail with pineapple in syrup, apple and roe” you’d have finished two of each, so it’s best just to wade in. At an average €3 a pinto, and with a menu de degustación (six pintxos, drink, dessert) for €23, you can’t go wrong."

— The Guardian article

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