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Sungei Road Laksa


Very popular stall in a little food court and apparently the best laksa in Singapore. There's usually a queue (which is split in two so make sure you don't accidentally cut in). Bowls are small but only S$3, so it's common to get two per person. You'll probably be asked if you want the chilli which I recommend you have. It's not too spicy and they add it to the side of the bowl so you can try it and only mix it in if you like it.

Whilst queueing you can watch them prepare each bowl by adding the coconut milk broth to a bowl of noodles and then draining it back in to the pot, the repeating the same thing four or five times. I've seen this done at other laksa stalls and I'm not entirely sure why. Then the seafood, herbs and chilli are added.

The laksa is delicious and the seafood is great, as is the broth. I really enjoyed it.

Overall rating... 8/10