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Tokyo Highlights Self-Guided Tour of Tokyo's Best Food

If you're in Tokyo for a short amount of time and want to do a self-guided tour of some of the best local food, then follow this guide to the highlights of Tokyo.

Each restaurant links through to the full review with its location, opening hours, photos and details about the food. This list is part of a bigger food guide to Tokyo.

Tsukemen Ramen @ Rokurinsha or Itto

Tsukemen Ramen is a specific type of intense dipping ramen which seems to be the most popular ramen in Tokyo and it might be hard to find in other cities. It was invented in Tokyo not too many years ago and you can still visit the restaurant by the original creator but sadly he died in 2015. I became mildly addicted to tsukemen during my month in Tokyo and Rokurinsha was probably my favourite. It's in Tokyo Station and was made famous outside of Japan by David Chang. As with all the very best tsukemen restaurants, expect to queue. Itto was my first experience of tsukemen and it was also the longest I had to queue (just over an hour but it was worth it), which wasn't too surprising given that I only found it because it was the highest rated tsukemen restaurant on Tabelog with over 1200 reviews.

Sushi @ Sushi Cyoh

After many visits, this is my favourite sushi bar so far. It's close to Tsukiji fish market but the prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality. On a few of my visits the sushi chef was a lovely old man who studied English in his youth and was really helpful, introducing me to a few things on the menu that I'd possibly not have tried otherwise. Try everything but don't miss out on the engawa (flounder wing) aburi (seared with a blow torch). It's superb!

Drinks in Shibuya

Shibuya is by far my favourite area for going out drinking. I would regularly be found at Coins Bar, Rock No Cocoro or one of the many Hub British Pubs but there are endless options. There's also a small but growing craft beer scene with a few options in Shibuya alone, including Mikkeller and Goodbeer Faucets. If you want sake then you could try Kurand Sake Market which has over 100 different types.