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Extremely highly rated tsukemen ramen. I arrived around midday on a Wednesday and had to wait for just over an hour. At some point in the queue you will be asked to go inside and order your meal at the vending machine, give your ticket to the staff and then go back to your place in the queue. This means your food will be prepared before you even sit down.

I was there for the tsukemen ramen and I asked which was the best and told that the button marked as "1" for 1080 yen is the winner. Tsukemen ramen is served with the noodles separate from the broth. This broth is fishy, thick, salty and comes with 2 small chicken meat balls. The particular option I went for had 2 different sliced meats on top of the noodles. You then dip the noodles in to the broth and eat/slurp away!

It was one of the best ramen I've had and definitely worth the wait. I asked about getting some extra noodles but was told no - I assume you have to order everything at the machine before you sit down and then that's it, your chance has gone.

Overall rating... 9/10

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