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Menya Jikon

麺や 而今

Extremely-highly rated chicken and soy ramen noodles in a small restaurant in a residential area.

The staff don't speak any English but it's not a problem as you just have to use the vending machine to order your ramen. I had read that the chicken and soy ramen is very popular so I showed a staff member the Japanese and she pointed at the button for me to push. Then I asked if it was the best option and she pointed to the top left button, which seems to usually be where restaurants put their signature dish. It was a little extra money and seemed to be same ramen but with three extra of something (I heard the word charsiu so I assumed it was meat).

A few minutes later they brought over a very beautiful dish. The extras turned out to be slices of charsiu pork, some minced chicken balls and some other white meat which I'm not sure about.

The broth was very rice and tasty but I'm not sure that chicken-based ramen is my favourite. I'll be honest that I'm certainly not a ramen expert, so it's hard for me to judge it objectively.

The staff were very friendly (and seemed a little surprised to see a westerner, I think), the restaurant is cute and there was a queuing system out the front, so I assume it gets very busy, although I was there around 2pm and it was almost empty.

Overall rating... 7/10

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