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"In Naples there’s always something new to try, as our bakers definitely like to spoil us. Because two sfogliatella versions weren’t enough, a pastry shop has invented a new variation on the theme that has immediately gone viral on the net… and in every other shop.

It’s called “sfoglia campanella“, because it looks like a little bell, with the same crispy outside of the sfogliatella riccia. Yet this one is filled with a tiny babà (more on this later on in this article), enveloped in creamy white or dark chocolate, and some ricotta cheese cream. It’s an explosion of flavours that you just won’t forget. A taste of Naples with each bite.

Many shops have created different variations of the sfoglia campanella, but the original version can be found only at Sfogliatelab, where the mind behind this masterpiece, Vincenzo Ferrieri, is still on the lookout for new ideas." - Blog