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Gino e Toto Sorbillo


I loved the experience of Sorbillo. It's a perfect mixture of incredible pizza, lots of choice, delicious wine and great atmosphere. I've heard that some people have experienced bad service or felt rushed but we didn't have that.

When you arrive you need to go straight to the door and put your name down. Then you need to make sure you listen carefully for your name, as apparently they won't call it twice. I suggest maybe choosing a name that is very distinctive, even in an Italian accent, to make it easier.

The wait will likely be a while, so pop next door (not to the more expensive one opposite, as we mistakenly did) to the kiosk and get a cheap drink. They even sell tasty Italian IPA for 2 euros! Then enjoy the nice atmosphere on the street.

"The queue to get into Sorbillo can take up to an 1½ hours because it makes perhaps the best pizza in the city. Sorbillo is renowned for making vast pizzas from organic Campanian produce. To ease the wait, those in the know pick up a cold beer and a bag of Taralli crackers from the inconspicuous marble Aquafrescaio kiosk next door, which has been manned by the same signora for the last 50 years."

— The Guardian

"When the city is Naples, the district is Spaccanapoli, the street is Via dei Tribunali, and the pizzeria and the pizzaiolo share the name Gino Sorbillo, you’ve hit the epicenter of the Neapolitan pizza earthquake shaking the world. Those invariably waiting outside for their first Sorbillo pizza may be in for a few surprises: first, when Sorbillo is in the kitchen he is not grinning, as he always seems to be on Italian television or Facebook. He works with intensity, speed, and purpose. Second, this is a paper-cup establishment with low prices, its fame notwithstanding. Lastly, the beautifully balanced Margherita ceases to be the customary red, white, and green: when the red sea of tomato commingles with the clustered white dots of molten mozzarella a pink perfection is achieved.

What to order: Bufalina; Margherita; Margherita Gialla; Marinara; Napoletana; ’Nduja " - Evening Standard

Overall rating... 9/10