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Salvo Pizzaioli


"To serve truly great Neapolitan pizza to 200 people at a time brothers Francesco and Salvatore Salvo procure the best information and ingredients available. When the third-generation pizzaioli are not analyzing how flour, yeast, temperature, and maybe 20 other variables affect the dough, they’re nurturing lasting relationships with the best suppliers. But sometimes folklore does play a role, too.

According to legend, the cosacca pizza (cossack’s pizza) was created some 180 years ago to honor the visit of Tsar Nicholas I to the Kingdom of Naples. At Pizzeria Salvo, the exquisitely simple cosacca is distinguished by the nobility of Corbarì cherry tomatoes from I Sapori di Corbara, Pecorino cheese from the Cooperativa Agricola Pecorino Bagnolese, and organic extra virgin olive oil from Colline Salernitane delle San Salvatore. 

What to order: Cosacca; Margherita del Vesuvio; Marinara; Montanara Classica; Montanara alla Genovese; ’Nduja and Verzin Cheese; Papacelle e Conciato; Ripieno Fritto " - Evening Standard