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Pizzeria Da Attilio


One of the very few times I've strayed from the classic pizzas, I was tempted by the two specialities here. The first is Pizza Attilio and is split in to nine different slices with toppings chosen by the chef. The second is an interesting-looking "sun shaped" pizza where the crust is filled with ricotta cheese.

I went for the first one, after speaking to the waiter. It was great to be able to try lots of varied flavours, including some unusual ones (like pumpkin instead of a tomato sauce), but I mostly wished I had gone for a classic pizza.

"Each neighbourhood in Naples is like a village: with its own parish church, piazza, market and usually trattorie and pizzerias to choose from. Locals might have varied preferences on which grocer stocks the best mozzarella or which fishmonger sells the freshest clams but there will usually be a consensus as to the best pizzeria. In the Montesanto neighbourhood, home to the oldest market in the city, it is the modest-but-well-respected pizzeria da Attilio that gets the most love – but get there early as it tends to run out of dough before closing time."

— The Guardian

"The old-school warmth of this pizzeria is preserved by Maria Francesca Mariniello, the daughter-in-law of the Attilio Bachetti who opened it and the mother of the Attilio Bachetti who runs it now. Every inch of wall space is covered with celebrity photos, press clippings, and napkin doodles preserved in picture frames. The homespun authenticity hasn’t made Da Attilio famous but it does keep it on the shortlists of some very respected pizza people. The airy crusts Attilio Bachetti the younger tailors to each pizza are superbly thin and digestible, none more so than the one supporting the pizza cosacca, a cross between a Marinara and a Margherita with mozzarella out and grated cheese in. The sun-shaped Carnevale pizza, the eight points around its cornicione filled with ricotta, is a Da Attilio trademark and a Naples landmark.

What to order: Broccoli Raab and Sausage; Carnevale; Endive; Sole nel Piatto " - Evening Standard

Overall rating... 7/10