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Rujak Es Cream Pak Nardi


It seems like it's just open during the day and probably not when it's raining. I went before 3pm on a cloudy day and it was closed. Then again after 2pm on a hotter day (still like some rain) and it was open. 5,000 IDR for a bowl. I really enjoyed it but didn't notice any real difference from the stall just down the road. If I had to choose, I recommend this one as it seems more popular.

"Shredded cucumber, papaya, yam-bean, mango, and pineapple - mixed together with sambal rojak & palm sugar, added coconut milk based ice cream on top (we call it Es Puter), just... perfect. It's sweet, spicy, a bit salty, yet every element of the dish complements each other and it's very refreshing!"

— From a review