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Gudeg Pawon


Really great experience of eating late at night with locals. It's a small room where you queue up and they serve you from the various pots which had been cooking on the wood fires. It's also a really nice version of gudeg. Recommended!

Review by a local: "There are two types of gudeg: authentic/dry gudeg (gudeg kering) and savory gudeg (gudeg basah). I personally like savory gudeg much more than the authentic/dry one, because it's not too sweet. Gudeg Pawon is one of the great example of savory gudeg. The name "pawon" itself means home kitchen, which is literally where this place is located. What's also unique is that it opens 10.30PM at night, and usually at 1AM it's already sold out. People would queue around 10pm afterwards, just to have a midnight 'snack' in this humble place."